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The Most Expensive iPhone – Amosu Ultimo Diamond V.J. | , 9:54 a.m. July 31, 2008 2008-07-31


So, you really want an iPhone and you also want to ornament it with priceless diamond to be your precious? Well, there is an answer to this need; actually, a pretty expensive answer.


A new version of iPhone is being sold, but not one that comes with complement HTC Touch Diamond’s features, but one who basically has diamonds on it. The device is named Amosu Ultimo Diamond, sounds like a mafia iPhone doesn’t it? The Amosu may be considered the most expensive iPhone out there.


The Amosu Ultimo Diamond comes covered in diamonds worth over 25.000 Euro. But this is not everything, you can get the Princess Plus iPhone for just 113.000 Euro. The device isn’t also an improved iPhone version, but it is just a diamond covered one.


Amosu is covered with 1.179 diamonds and is hand made by the most skilled specialists. The display alone is ornamented by 458 diamonds, and the back is covered by 660 diamonds. The Apple logo has 61 diamonds.


The device may have the basic iPhone features but for 113.000 Euro it comes with an interesting supplement. All buyers will get a year VIP pass. A pass card accepted by Lamborghini UK, Bombardier Skyjet International, Sunseeker Yachts, Oliver Sweeney, Holland and Holland, Selfridges and Ascot House.

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