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Mobile Web Browsing Grows in Importance V.J. | , 1:59 p.m. June 23, 2008 2008-06-23

Mobile web browsing has evolved in the last years. According to statistics mobile browsing increased each year by around 89 per cent and page views 127%. Even more, internet browsing using mobile phones has a presence of the same intensity as computer Web browsing was in 1998.

When it comes to mobile phones and the online services available, an evolution is hard to avoid. Now, companies battle each other for the first place in delivering the best mobile web browsing service. But not just them, as users who prefer their mobile phone to view websites and even update their blog, specialists say that if a website is not optimized for mobile browsing it may have to suffer traffic loss in the future.

For the time being, Opera Mobile and Opera Mini browsers seem to lead the market. The later having more than 44 million users, this may be also because it is designed to function even on low-resource cellphones.

Another browser is expected to launch this fall and will be released by Mozilla. The browser seeks to provide a richer mobile Web experience.

Facts show the increasing importance of mobile web browsing. If you have a website you should probably make it mobile friendly if you don’t want to loose visitors.

Vlad Jecan

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