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Mobile Telephony to Propel Telecom Growth in India V.J. | , 1:08 p.m. July 22, 2009 2009-07-22

According to a new research report from Indian Telecom Analysis, telecom sector in India will maintain its growth rate in future despite the global economic downturn. The growth in the telecom sector will be driven by expanding mobile subscriber base which has outperformed all other segments of the industry in terms of growth rate. The mobile subscriber base is projected to reach around 800 Million users by the fiscal year 2014.

India's telecommunication sector is experiencing strong growth as rising income and falling falling tariffs are making mobile phones affordable for millions of new customers. Mobile players are seeing rural areas as their new growth avenues. Mobile service providers are answering the call of the wild by foraying into the so far ignored rural market. As the urban market has almost reached the saturation level, most of the cellular service providers have turned their attention towards the rural India to extend their reach and broaden base.

Furthermore, the Indian telecom market is now an open and competitive one with several established players trying to build further, and many new players are trying to make their presence felt in the country. This highly competitive nature of the market has been proving beneficial for consumers as the call charges throughout India with most of the operators are rupee one or less.

The research Indian Telecom Analysis (2008-2012) thoroughly analyzes the key markets and factors fueling growth in this sector. For instance - it says that with saturation in the urban market, growth in the Indian mobile market will be driven by an increased focus on the rural market, aggressive promotions and handset bundle offers.

The report discusses the telecom market both geographically, and by different services (like fixed-line and Internet). It thoroughly studies the market dynamics and offers both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the market. Besides, the report gives insight in the key market issues, emerging trends and technologies, new avenues for growth, market forces and competitive landscape in the market.

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