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Mobile phones track Olympic Torch V.J. | , 2:32 p.m. April 11, 2008 2008-04-11


There was a time when the Olympic Torch was carried around the world with no real problems; a low level security accompanied the runner through his journey. This is not the case for San Francisco.

The Olympic runner had more on his mind than just simply focusing not to blurt out the Torch, or keep an extra eye on his clumsiness. Police officers dressed in black where run along side the Torch paying attentions to security.

Using a commercial service known as TextMarks, protesters armed with cell phones kept in touch to track the Olympic Torch’s position, and as a consequence they seemed to know exactly where it is at all times. According to New York Times, pro-Tibet sympathizers were sending updates every minute on the Torch’s whereabouts.


Their aim was to know the exact location of the Olympic runner and then surround him with a mass of protesters trying to stop his progress or even halt him for good. The actual results of this method are probably known just to the protesters, but in any case their use of mobile phone technology in their interests had paid off. Pro-Tibet protesters were able to execute some quick maneuvers thus hardening the advance of the Olympic Torch.

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