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Mobile Apps are big business V.J. | , 11:27 a.m. June 10, 2010 2010-06-10

Juniper Research has recently published a report suggesting that mobile app revenues should reach $32 billion in 2015, up from less than $10 billion in 2009 which includes pey-per-download, valued-added services and advertising.

Apple’s App Store is the most popular source for app download attracting about 4 billion downloads in April 2010. However, Juniper Research suggests that developers should not focus only on this platform and should create apps for various operating systems. A reason mentioned by the research firm is that in developing countries Apple handsets are rare.

“If the mobile industry wishes to introduce a model based on applications, then it must ensure that those applications are accessible by a wide range of handsets ranging from smartphones to mass market devices,” said report author, Dr Windsor Holden.

The report suggests, however, that the number of mobile app downloads is not equivalent or is not responsible with the industry revenues. The majority of applications available for download from Apple’s App Store and only a small proportion of apps, about 5-15% are for sale. In consequence “building a business model aimed at both maximizing consumer adoption of applications and at maximizing content revenues can be extremely problematic”.

The mobile app market should create a balance between free and paid applications. However, according to Juniper Research, monetizing mobile phone applications is an extremely difficult task. Yet, the research firm is optimistic and sees the rise in revenues to $32 billion in 2015.

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