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Managed telecoms profit from recession V.J. | , 10:37 p.m. Aug. 13, 2009 2009-08-13

Today’s economic conditions benefit managed telecommunications services as more and more businesses of all sizes opt for their services in order to maintain low level expenses.

Recent researches suggest that despite the recession being cited by most companies behind the growing adoption of managed telecom services, cost was not the main contributing factor. In fact, most were motivated to uses these services in order to focus on their core business competencies and not on just keeping the network running, according to V3.

Studies have also found that unified communications continue to grow due to cost savings and inter-employee communication rise. It grew with 22 percent of enterprises said they are using or will implement in the near future a unified communication system. However, there were also 12 percent of businesses that said they are not interested in UC.

Over 65 percent of large businesses depend on wireless networks. Among those are the companies that are currently installing, using or upgrading their wireless LAN. In the same time, companies look forward to fixed and mobile WiMax systems as well. Smaller companies, however, are opting for public mobile phone services with 45 percent of them saying they are not interested in using WiMax.

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