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Maine politico seeks for cancer warning on cell phones Saveri | , 10:59 a.m. Dec. 24, 2009 2009-12-24

There is no scientific evidence as to whether cell phones are actually responsible for brain cancers, but Maine legislator Andrea Boland believes it to be so.

Boland plans to introduce a bill in the forthcoming legislative session that would coerce companies to mark their handsets with a warning stating that cell phones may perhaps cause brain cancer.

According to Boland, 95,000 users in the state are not aware of the health risks attached with uncontrolled use of cell phones.

If the bill makes through, phone companies would have to place labels on handsets and packaging, warning users of the potential threat of brain cancer caused by electromagnetic radiation. It would also recommend people to keep handsets as far away from their bodies as possible.

Although, the Federal Communications Commission upholds its stand that legally sold handsets in the United States are safe, Maine is not the only state to call for such a warning as a similar attempt is being made in San Francisco.

Both the World Health Organization and National Cancer Institute have confirmed that there is no reliable proof to establish the link between consistent cell phone use and cancer.

Photo Credit: GFDL/Victor de la rosa

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