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A Look at the Versatile LG Versa VX9600 Karishma Sundaram | , 12:46 p.m. March 2, 2009 2009-03-02

Once in a while, a phone design makes waves because of its innovative and completely revolutionary design. However, as time passes it becomes harder and harder to create a design that is unique and different from all models that came before it. 

The LG Versa VX9600 definitely falls into that particular category. The mobile phone is available with Verizon on the shores of US, as of the first week of March. 

Design in detail

The Versa is a touch screen phone with a QWERTY keyboard. The touch screen measures a fairly decent 3 inches. The phone has a glossy look to it, with a combination of black and silver for its casing. It has a 2 megapixel camera with an accompanying flash on the back. 

The speaker is at the back, which does not make much sense, as if the phone is on loudspeaker mode, the audio would get muffled for sure. There is a Micro SD slot on one side, and standard switches like a volume rocker switch, a headphone jack, a micro USB jack for the charger cable, and a power switch. The front of the phone is the touch screen which has three hard buttons along the bottom edge: the call, disconnect and menu ones. 

What takes this phone truly out of the sphere of ordinary are the snap-on accessories it has. Analogous to a docking station for a minimalistic laptop, the phone itself is a normal touch screen device, and it has many options to dock into. For instance, one of these docking accessories is a QWERTY keyboard which is combined with a case to protect the phone. The case has a cut out on the top for the camera, and behind the keyboard, there is an LCD display, making the phone usable when docked and closed. 

There are two more docking accessories, more specialized that the keyboard: the first is a gaming attachment, and the second is a loudspeaker one for music. 

The phone’s back panel needs to be removed for it to be docked into any of the accessories, as the contacts are underneath the casing. 

The stylus that comes packaged with the phone is very unique, and perhaps not in the best way. It is rather chunky, about the size of a crayon and with a leather casing. The tip is faintly reminiscent of a felt-tip marker and the plastic is quite thick. 

The menus work in much the same way as other LG phones, and the Versa also incorporates the cube system. There are three customizable home menu screens.

In addition to the physical QWERTY keypad, the mobile phone also has a T-9 dictionary format for touch screen typing when in portrait mode. When the phone is rotated the orientation also flips, and instead a touch screen QWERTY keypad shows on screen. If the phone is docked whilst switched on, the screen automatically alters to reflect the change immediately. These multiple methods of text entry make the phone incredibly versatile for use, and is probably what inspired the name.

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