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Licensing Issues Cause Apple to Delete Youtube App from iO6 Chaitali Gawade | , 12:01 p.m. Aug. 8, 2012 2012-08-08

Users of iOS 6 are no longer able to make use of the youtube app on the OS. Apple has deleted the Youtube app from iOS 6 as its licence has expired. Users will only face this problem if they have upgraded to iOS 6. People using iOS 5 or older versions can still continue using this feature. Apple has stated that it is working with Google to come up with its own individual Youtube app. Apple hopes to release it on the App store, when iOS 6 has gone public.

Users need not concern themselves though, as they will still be able to watch videos within Safari. Users can also make use of the iOS device to get access to subcriptions and to log in to the YouTube mobile website, which funtions similar to the iOS app.

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