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LG Versa: the wallet mobile phone V.J. | , 3:10 p.m. March 10, 2009 2009-03-10


LG has proven that they can efficiently handle IM services and can build excellent touchscreen displays. A new handset will incorporate all these and take the mobile phones to a new level by incorporating it in a wallet.

Let’s face it. The wallet is the most important thing in our pockets, not the mobile phone, so why not fuse them together? This is exactly what LG will do in the near future. They will probably release the LG Versa, an LG phone beautifully implemented in a superb leather wallet – this is probably something that every guy wants and will definitely have a good impact on clients for business users.

The handset comes with a 3 inch display and 480 X 240 pixels resolution. On the outside, the wallet phone will have a 2 megapixel camera with flash and auto focus. Additionally the handset comes with a 2.5 mm jack, Bluetooth and microSD memory card.

The LG Versa’s battery enables 6 hours talktime and over 430 hours in standby. The has recently be launched in the USA and costs about $199 with a contract agreement with Verizon.

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