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LG Reports Great Profits in Q2 V.J. | , 11:42 a.m. July 21, 2008 2008-07-21


The World’s fourth biggest mobile phone manufacturer said their Q2 profits are of 707 billion won. Last year their profits were as low as 385 billion. These figures clearly suggest that LG Electronics is getting close to put themselves in front of the other leading three largest mobile phone makers Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.


LG said they’ve had a 84 per cent increase in sales in April-June period. But they missed to achieve profits of about 802 billion. The company’s profits were substantially increased by the sales of mobile phones and TVs. Surely, mobile phones users are more willingly to purchase an LG cellphone thanks to its elegant design, but also great features.


Despite this success, shares in LG fell 6.7 per cent in Q2. Interesting why this happens but it is probably because the growing concerns over the global economy. Markets rise and fall everywhere around the world.


In any case, LG deserve their gains. All their mobile phones, especially, have a very tasteful aspect. There are no excesses in design and sometimes the phones come with a minimalistic concept. The features are also astonishing and what can be better than to have a good looking mobile phone with great features? This is LG.

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