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LG to provide 3G phones to China V.J. | , 1:45 p.m. April 28, 2009 2009-04-28

The third largest handset manufacturer in the world has just announced that a number of wireless operators in China have chosen the company to provide 3G mobile phones.

Not long ago, the Chinese government granted mobile phone carriers in the country licenses to deploy 3G networks in the area. LG should prove an asset in doubling the 3G mobile phone market in Chine next year. It is expected to sell 14 million units in 2009 and up to 30 million in 2010.

China Mobile has appointed LG to provide 3G mobile phones. China Mobile is the largest carrier in the country and probably in the world if we consider the number of subscribers. The operator is set to offer its customers 3G mobile services based on the national developed TD-SCDMA technology.

Another carrier to which LG will provide 3G devices is China Telecom. The company is the leading fixed-line phone company in the country and it is set to deploy 3G wireless network based on the CDMA 2000 technology, writes Softpedia.

LG will also provide handsets to the third major wireless carrier in the country, China Unicom. The reasons behind this is that China is expected to see a very fast growth and a lot of mobile phone manufacturers will be able to increase their market share by providing such devices to users in the country.

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