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The LG KS360 V.J. | , 1:45 p.m. July 9, 2008 2008-07-09

LG plans to release a new device which will try to ease the way users update their blogs and write email. If you have a blog and wish to update it daily even when you are not in front of you computer and you’ve always been annoyed by typing long posts using a ‘normal’ mobile phone keyboard, the new LG device surely will help you in this matter.


The LG KS360 is the product in the company’s list which can support a full QWETY keypad packed under the device’s case. By doing so LG hopes to attract customers which are involved in social networking sites and continuously find the need to write a quick email message of some remarkable proportions without using a computer.


Equipped with a QWRTY keypad, the model still is just 16.8 mm thick. Interesting is the fact that once the keypad is released the 2.4 inch screen rotates 90 degrees. LG also managed to keep the handset’s size very low as it measures only 101.5 x 51.


The handset is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and a microSD card slot going up to 4GB. Other features include GPRS/EDGE, 2.4 inch QBGA 262k colors, 15 MB of internal memory but expandable as said before. Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility and USB 2.0 are also available.


For web browsing the model comes with WAP 2.0 giving you high quality internet surfing. But the device was primarily designed to be able to send email and write on your blog more comfortably. It supports, IM and email features.


The KS360 will be available starting August in bright blue, white, soft pink and titanium colors as well as black and silver. The device will be offered on O2 and Orange on prepay for the time being.

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