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LG GD900 Crystal to be available at Carphone Warehouse this summer V.J. | , 1:29 p.m. April 24, 2009 2009-04-24

LG have forged what can be said to be a revolutionary phone. The handset comes with some interesting features and the astonishing transparent keypad.

The unusual aspect of this phone is its transparent keypad that can also transform into a laptop style mouse pad for web browsing and navigation. Additionally, there’s also handwriting recognition.

The LG Crystal comes with a 3 inch full touchscreen besides that touchpad with finger-writing recognition and haptic feedback. The design is also outstanding, combining futuristic design with the elegance of LG mobile phones.

Carphone Warehouse is the first mobile phone retailer to obtain the handset. According to reports, the LG Crystal will be released for free on contracts, details of which have not been yet revealed, as well as for sale on a pay as you go basis.

This is all the information there is at the moment, but we will keep an eye on this extraordinary handset and keep you updated.

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