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The Leaked Line up from HTC Karishma Sundaram | , 4:38 p.m. March 3, 2009 2009-03-03

HTC has already released a few phones this year, and still has a few more models up its sleeve. There was the HTC Touch Pro 2 and the HTC Touch Diamond 2 that we covered earlier, but these are not the phones that are of interest now. 

Earlier this year, somewhere in January, there was a leak from HTC. Around twenty five photos of planned HTC phones were leaked onto the Internet. Whether the move was deliberate, or whether or not it was a cleverly staged marketing gimmick is really of little consequence. The mobile phone handsets depicted in these photos were extraordinary. No specifications were known at the time, and there was a great deal of expectation that some of these phones would make their debut in the Mobile World Congress ’09 in Barcelona. In some cases that did turn out to be true, with only the Touch Pro 2 and the Touch Diamond 2 being showcased by HTC. The photos were purportedly of HTC’s 2009 line-up, and contained some really amazing designs, which in some instances was a good thing. In others, not so much. 

The Lolite and the Twin

Perhaps the only exception to the no specifications rule, the Lolite was leaked by the retailer Expansys with all its specifications. The Lolite and the Twin are essentially the same phone, with the Lolite being a CDMA only phone, and the Twin incorporating both CDMA and GSM. The design was unduly extraordinary, and the phone has a nice look to it. 

The Magnet

Similar to the Lolite, and therefore referred to as Lolite 2, the Magnet has an interesting difference. The front of the phone is not symmetrical, with a navigational wheel on one side, and instead of the usual 4 keys on the other side, there are only 3. 

The Topaz and the Barium

The Topaz was said to be the next in the line of Diamond, and that was the codename of the Touch Diamond 2 prior to launch. The Barium appeared to be the next generation of Pro phones, and same applies as to the Topaz.

The Maple, the Willow and the Cedar

These phones are reminiscent of smart phone design with QWERTY keyboards in the portrait format. These phone models are all said to be Windows Mobile based phones. The Maple and the Willow come in the standard black colour, whilst the Cedar will also be available in a combination of bright white and turquoise. This is a rather unusual occurrence for HTC; they are not known for colourful phones. 

The Firestone

This phone looks incredible; very sleek and chiselled. The Firestone has sharply defined edges and a nice design. It is unlike any other HTC phone. 

The Whitestone

The Whitestone is another visually exciting phone, as it has something unusual for phones – a stand. There is a small metal stand in one edge to help prop the phone off the table for easy use.

The Hero

Perhaps continuing along a new trend for colourful phones, the Hero is a pink phone. The phone is not entirely spectacular, although it has a bent bottom edge, akin to a ski jump. 

It’s quite possible that the market may see these phones sometime in the near future; perhaps not under the names mentioned however.

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