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Jon Rubinstein wins Geek of the Year award of 2009 Sheetal Thakre | , 12:24 p.m. Jan. 4, 2010 2010-01-04

Fast Company's "Geek of the Year" award of 2009 goes to Jonathan J. Rubinstein, an American computer scientist and electrical engineer, who at present chairs as the CEO of Palm, Inc.

Married to Karen Richardson, chairman of the board of directors of hi5 - the world's third-largest social networking site, the honour bestowed upon Rubinstein truly appreciate his work on the Palm Pre and WebOS platform, who is also a Member of the National Academy of Engineering and a senior member of the IEEE.

It was his brainchild the Palm Pre that has brought fame and glory to the company and now to the man behind this offering.

Jon Rubinstein was named the CEO of Palm on June 10, 2009, i.e. just four days after the successful release of the said cell phone. The former Apple employee Rubinstein is known to revive life back into Palm single handed during that phase when the company has slowly started facing an early failure in its initial innings itself.

Rubenstein managed to capture the thoughts and the parameters of the award givers and beat out other equals such as Star Trek director/producer J.J. Abrams, Twitter cofounders Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg and Neill Blomkamp of the movie District 9.

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