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Iraq becomes the Arab World’s most competitive mobile phone market V.J. | , 5:26 p.m. Aug. 4, 2009 2009-08-04

A new study indicates that Iraq has replaced Jordan as the Arab World’s most competitive cellular market. The study was conducted by the Arab Advisors Group’s Cellular Competition Intensity Index.

Cellular News reports that the Index takes into account the number of operators, packages and services available in each of the 19 countries covered by the Arab Advisors Group. The report focuses on different categories like the number of licensed and expected operators, the number of working operators, market share of largest operator, number of current prepaid plans, number of current postpaid plans, availability of corporate offers, availability of 3G services and operational ILD competition.

The study’s results show that for 2009 Iraq tops the score as the most competitive Arab market with a 91% mark followed by Jordan with 82.7 percent. Saudi Arabia is on the third place with 79.2 percent.

"Iraq's performance was excellent in the cellular competition intensity index, ranking first with a score as high as 91.0% and dethroning Jordan. There are five working operators in the country, three of which operate a national mobile license, while the remaining two are regional operators operating in the Kurdistan region. While Iraq's largest operator (Zain) has a substantial market share of more than 50%, Iraq's score benefited from the availability of corporate offers, operational ILD competition and 3G services." Mr. Andrawes Snobar, Arab Advisors' Research Manager wrote in the report.

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