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Iranian consumers boycott Nokia Siemens Network V.J. | , 11:02 a.m. July 15, 2009 2009-07-15

We’ve previously reported that the Iranian government could listen to user calls and intercept and read their text messages by using Nokia’s technology. In the reality of the recent post-election protests, people found it very difficult to communicate using mobile phones and even navigate the Internet without fear of being spied on.

Anyway, it seems that the Iranian consumers will now have their revenge as a series of companies thought to have collaborated with the Ahmadinejad-government will be boycotted. According to reports, the demand for Nokia handsets has fallen in Tehran; Nokia Siemens Network sold communications monitoring systems to Iran.

Iran’s state-run broadcaster, TCI, no longer receives advertising as companies fear being blacklisted in a Facebook petition, writes The Guardian. Additionally, people started moving money out of state banks and into private banks.

Nokia Siemens Network provided Iran with a monitoring system, however, the company says that the technology is standard issue to dozens of countries. Protesters believe, however, that the company could have provided the network without monitoring function.

The Iranian authorities may have used the Nokia monitoring system to target dissidents. A number of released prisoners said that the authorities were keeping them in custody on the basis of their SMS and phone calls archives.

The accusations have seriously damaged Nokia’s image in the country and around the world. Recovery will be extremely difficult.

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