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iPhone Finds Your Car! V.J. | , 8:10 p.m. July 26, 2008 2008-07-26


An interesting application was developed not long ago. It pretty much helps you to find your car! iPhone simply surprises by what its capable of. No wonder the great influence it had on the mobile phone industry. Heavy numbers of customers still wait in line to purchase a precious iPhone, and it’s being sold fast.


Talking about interesting iPhone applications, one relatively new enables you to find your car. It may happens to forget where you’ve parked your car, but no worries because iPhone comes to the rescue. The application is dubbed G-Park and drops a GPS flag on your current parking location. If you can remember where you’ve parked, you just hit “where did I park?” and Google maps gives you directions back to your car.


Interesting isn’t it? It might come handy if you really have a more or less serious problem with parking. The fact is that, forgetting the exact location of your car may happen, iPhone is doing its part to help you in this matter. The program is not a real big deal actually. What it does is simple, it drops a GPS flag on your current location and afterwards it follows a fast way back to it. In any case, this application might be very useful if you are in an unfamiliar city.


The application, G-park, can be downloaded from the iTunes App store. Also, the non-GPS iPhones can also use this application. It will show you a map of where your car is but it will not give you any detailed directions.

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