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iPhone executive Mark Papermaster leaves Apple Sheetal Thakre | , 12:17 p.m. Aug. 9, 2010 2010-08-09

In the current scenario, where iphone is creating waves across the globe in the telecom world, Mark Papermaster, the executive in charge of iPhone engineering has left the company-'Apple'.

The most possible reason behind this could be the reported hullabaloo related with the antenna problems of the newly introduced company's recent smartphone iPhone 4.

Though the company has declined to comment in this context further, speculation is being made that Bob Mansfield, who watches over Macintosh hardware engineering is going to resume the responsibilites soon in the mean time, as he already manages groups that produce most of the key technologies for the iPhone, iPod touch, A4 chip, Retina display, touch screens etc.

Mr. Papermaster was appointed by Apple in November 2008 from IBM, where he had served for 25 years. For this, IBM had even sued Papermaster after his leaving, saying he approved not to work for any competitor for a year. Later, things were settled in a federal court that at first had banned Papermaster from working for Apple, but the proceedings were ultimately resolved where he begun working for Apple from April 2009.

No doubt, the Antenna issue has created a lot of internal friction within Apple; the picture will get clear sooner or later as the true things will come out eventually.

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