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iPhone continues selling despite problems VJ | , 6:25 p.m. Aug. 25, 2008 2008-08-25

Apple’s tremendously successful handset, the iPhone 3G continues to sell in massive quantities despite the problems reported. T-Mobile says that the company has sold more that 120,000 iPhones.

There were times when 120,000 iPhones were sold in a matter of days, but at this time it is only natural that the number of sales decreased. In any way the company is very pleased with this success and it seems T-Mobile draws in success after success.

Hamid Akhavas, T-Mobile CEO, said that from July 11 to this day his company has sold more that 120,000 iPhones. The official added that from these, 75,000 iPhones were sold just in Germany. In other countries the handset is being released, one recent launch was in Romania were customers stood patiently in the endless lines in order to purchase an iPhone. However, the Romanian iPhone was released by Orange.

In any case, the iPhone seems to simply conquer the mobile phone industry. In the US, a customer sued Apple because their popular device failed to provide the promised connectivity. The handset still has major connectivity problems in some of the most populated US cities like Chicago or even New York.

But it seems that T-Mobile has all the card for another European success, yet again. They say that the company will sell Apple’s product in other countries like Netherlands and Austria.

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may i know which store has that phonein stock?
8/25/2008 @ 8:05 PM
owononi andrew ayodele


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