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iPhone Commercial Banned in the UK V.J. | , 7:48 p.m. Aug. 28, 2008 2008-08-28


It’s finally coming true. iPhone does not have the greatness that you see on TV. It is a good device, but users have spoken and they say is not even half the quality Apple presents on ads.


The iPhone ad was officially withdrawn from the UK TV service since it was accused of false advertising. The iPhone 3G has serious connection problems and might not enable you to browse websites anytime, anywhere as the ad says.


Anyway, the Advertising Standards Authority, a group in the UK, has declared that the tv commercial is ‘misleading to consumers’. This problem in just in the UK.


It all started in the US when a frustrated customer sued Apple for lying in their TV advertising. It seemed that the iPhone 3G has had major connectivity problems.


In any way, this is a huge blow to the company’s image and prestige and perhaps this means the downfall of the iPhone 3G.

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