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iPhone to be Released in Estonia, India and the Czech Republic V.J. | , 5:48 p.m. Aug. 6, 2008 2008-08-06


Local mobile phone carriers in the three countries announced that they will release the iPhone. Bharti Airtel in India, EMT in Estonia and Telefonica O2 in the Czech Republic have recently announced that they are going to release Apple’s most successful product.


At the moment, the iPhone may have a few troubles to face in India. The country does not have a 3G network at the moment. In the near future, the government has announced that they will facilitate the establishment of a 3G network by elaborating pans for the 3G license auction. The company who will provide 3G equipment, support and everything else needed will be announced at the end of this year.


Telefonica O2 officials said that the company is already providing the necessary services for its well-established network of WiFi internet connectivity and to release the iPhone is just a natural step forward. But by doing so, officials say, the company will give its subscribers the chance to benefit from everything the iPhone 3G has to offer.


In Estonia the story is basically the same. EMT is probably the country’s leading mobile phone operator having the highest number of subscriptions. The iPhone may not have the same impact in Estonia as it had in other parts of Europe, but the demand is high and it will probably rise. In any case, it seems that the iPhone is quickly taking over the world.

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