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Internet and email, unlimited V.J. | , 9:32 p.m. April 14, 2008 2008-04-14

The need to be able to access email by using a mobile phone is as dynamic as the industry itself. Being a great application for businesses, users can rapidly read, write and send emails without having to seek an Internet Café, thus positively responding to business demands.

An unlimited data plan for email and Internet browsing was announced today by Verizon Wireless. According to their statement, users can get up to 10 personal email accounts considering well known email services by some like Yahoo!, Windows Live, AOL and of course Verizon.net.

Robert Miller, marketing president of Verizon Wireless, says this service will facilitate the comfortable use of Internet and email for the delight of customers. They will be able in just seconds to stay in tune with the latest news or simply respond to emails from their personal accounts.

Few smartphones are available for this service, but for nearly $30 per month, customers using Verizon Wireless SMT5800, Motorola Q9m and Verizon Wireless SMT5800 can subscribe to this service but Verizon promises that other models will be added to the list in the coming months. For BlackBerry users who want to get their hands on this service may relax, as Verizon promises a BlackBerry plan.

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