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Hummer second version, the HT2 V.J. | , 5:21 p.m. April 7, 2008 2008-04-07

We are more or less impressed when a Hummer passes near us on the street. Walking calmly along the sideway, our vision inevitably rises from the ground or ignores any environmental details at hearing a Hummer engine. After a few seconds we begin to admire this immense vehicle which quickly overshadows other cars in its way. But here, we do not talk about cars, but mobile phones.


You may know or even own a HT1 cellphone and with no wonder. ModeLabs sold more than 50,000 HT1 mobile phones worldwide with a particular success in Eastern Europe and Latin America. This themed cellular created after collaboration between ModeLabs and the vehicle manufacturer Hummer materialized itself continues to have a tremendous success. Sales continue to grow, users continue to enjoy their themes cellphone. Not long ago markets in Australia, India and North America have been conquered by this product. But not enough…


ModeLabs have yet another collaboration with Hummer, after a licensing contract concluded in February 2007, they will now going to release HT2 hunting more success.


Continuing the same path as its predecessor, HT1, HT2 will sustain the same design inspired from the Hummer cars. Even if it is a themed cellphone targeting a smaller sphere of customers, the Hummer HT2 is fully multimedia equipped and can be used everywhere. It has a built-in modem, webcam and email service, it’s quad-band GSM and Dual-SIM, meaning there can be used two lines with a single phone.


The second Hummer mobile phone model will be release on Russian markets in the months to come and in Latin America it will make its entry in Q2 current year.

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