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HTC in trouble as Apple sues it over recently added Sense UI features Sheetal Thakre | , 4:28 p.m. June 24, 2010 2010-06-24

The tension between Apple and HTC continues till date.

Earlier, it was regarding the infringement of around twenty patents. Now this time, it has to do with one of the new features on HTC's Sense UI called Leap, where an extension of the patent was awarded to the telecom giant on 5/27/08.

In brief, the battle goes with HTC's addition of multi-touch support in a few of its newer phones.

As per this leap system, the owners of certain HTC phones are allowed to touch their screen. This way, the users get to see small thumbnail images of the handset's other home screens and permits a speedy tap to change the homescreen that is front and center on the phone.

Though the condition of HTC appears to be slight better at present, only time will tell as to how the legal proceedings and negotiations eventually turn up.

Image source: phonearena.com

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