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HTC Touch and Mogul Get Windows Mobile 6.1 updates V.J. | , 5:23 p.m. July 21, 2008 2008-07-21


If you’re a Sprint subscriber and own either a HTC Touch or a HTC Mogul, or even both, you can now update to Windows Mobile 6.1 for free from HTC’s website. The devices will incorporate new functions for better performance.


The HTC Touch has been updated to support Sprint’s high-speed EV-DO Rev A network. The device also includes the highly popular Opera web browser, but it may not be the Opera 9.5 Beta version. It also has enhanced GPS experience and, of course, the handset received a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional upgrade.


The HTC Mogul which also got a Windows 6.1 Professional upgrade is made mostly for people who keep an eye on information. The upgrade will come with an updated version of Microsoft Office and Live search. The device is also capable of viewing Sprint TV. The service offers 50 channels of video content, live and on-demand.


Windows Mobile will shortly become the single operating system which still needs a license fee. Android will be free as well as Symbian. For the time being Microsoft’s mobile OS is the most popular operating system the mobile market has to offer, but things may change.

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