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HTC Magic available in Spain V.J. | , 8:03 p.m. April 29, 2009 2009-04-29

The second mobile phone in the world to run on the Google Android operating system, HTC Magic, is available through Vodafone in Spain. Users expected the handset to be released first in the UK, however this comes as a surprise, as the Brits can only pre-order an HTC Magic.

Anyway, Vodafone subscribers in Spain will have to pay for the phone, those in the UK will get it for free. Spanish users will have to pay from 19 Euros to 199 Euros, depending on the data plan one opts for. Those who opt for a 21 Euro monthly plan with get the phone for about 199 Euros, 37 Euros per month plan will make the phone cost 139 Euros. If the customer upts for a 62 Euro plan, the phone will come for just 19 Euros. However, the bad part is that all prices require the singing of an 18 month agreement.

However, the prices above apply only to existing Vodafone subscribers, as well as those who are new with the company but come from a competitive carrier. New customers, however, will have to pay about 339 Euros for the HTC Magic on a 21 Euros plan, or 299 Euros, again with signing an 18-month contract agreement.

At the moment, the HTC Magic is available through online purchase only. However, starting May 5, the handset will be available in Vodafone stores.

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