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HTC Click appears in leaked images V.J. | , 1:48 p.m. July 22, 2009 2009-07-22

HTC Corporation is really trying to get a hold on the Android-based mobile phone market. The HTC Hero, named the best Android smartphone made to date, has been launched in the US and recently it was introduced into the UK market. The Taiwan-based mobile phone manufacturer, HTC, is going to release another Android handset known as Click and leaked images come to confirm this.

There is little information on the features of the new HTC phone, the Click. As far as we know, the handset will come with a 2.8 inch touchscreen display. Additionally it will feature a 3.4 mm audio jack and a photo snapper.

At this moment, this is all we know. Stay tuned and as new information becomes available you will be the first to know.

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