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HP Signs Up for Windows Mobile 6.5 Karishma Sundaram | , 8 p.m. Feb. 27, 2009 2009-02-27

Microsoft will soon be releasing the newest version of Windows Mobile, version 6.5. Although initially there were plans to release 7 directly after 6, their strategy has changed, and consumers will be getting only 6.5 this year. 

LG is going to release a new smart phone, which they claim will be the first phone with the new mobile operating system. HTC is releasing the Diamond 2 and the Pro 2, initially with the 6.1 version, and giving the customers the option to upgrade later to 6.5. 

Another mobile manufacturer has decided to jump on to the Microsoft bandwagon: HP has recently announced their future smart phones will carry the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. There will be multiple benefits in doing so, mainly enhancing key features on the smart phone devices. Some of the features which will be enhanced are messaging, Internet on the mobile and various productivity features aimed primarily at business users. 

For example, users will find it even easier than before to control their data. This data could mean their personal or business information, where in both cases, privacy is of paramount importance. Also communication, in various forms, will be much easier than before. 

All this has been made possible with the enhanced input technologies that HP has incorporated into their smart phones, as well as the equally vital underlying support that the mobile operating system provides these technologies. The visual aspects have also been greatly enhanced, improving the consumer interaction and mobile experience considerably. 

Since the new operating system will be able to support most multitouch functions such as scrolling, dragging, and flicking, among others, HP smart phones may well decide to leverage this technology, giving their handsets a new dimension altogether. Apart from the touch screen improvements, there is also the Rich Internet Application (RIA) support that will be incorporated into the handsets, allowing the users to customize their handsets according to their particular personal style and method of management.

Additionally, more aesthetic elements can be changed, like themes and ring tones. As a matter of fact, applications can be modified too, with personal photographs for example. It will be possible to use personal photos and files to customize things like photo contact cards, and wallpapers for the home screen background. 

It will of course be possible to transfer multimedia content, like music and video, to the mobile handsets. Since Windows Media Player comes bundled in the phone, the multimedia experience is heightened considerably. There is an array of widgets to choose from, for use on home screens, as well. 

A feature business customers will appreciate, there will be a rich and efficient messaging module. The HP smart phones will be programmed to be able to automatically detect Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 settings and protocol, making it much simpler to set up an account for company e-mail. A single e-mail inbox presents a cohesive look into messages, whether they are Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages or longer emails, while also being able to playback voicemail easily. In fact, if the user so desires, SMS messages can be archived on an Exchange Server; a useful option for later reference.

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