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GPS and GPRS with Embedded Linux V.J. | , 11:02 p.m. Aug. 1, 2009 2009-08-01

Aldacom presents the AldaLogic C10/3, a breadboard which contains a complete embedded Linux PC on a surface of just 104mm x 63mm. A Quad-band GPRS module and SiRF3 GPS module are also on board, as well as interfaces for USB, RS232 and Ethernet components. An SD-card reader enables the trouble-free expansion of the 4 Mb of flash memory which comes as standard.

The heart of the PC are two ARM processors, responsible on one hand for the GSM component and on the other for applications executable under Embedded Linux. The processor module, including the GSM component, is also available for purchase separately. Despite its small surface area - roughly the size of a matchbox - its 160-pin socket provides a wide array of connectivity options. Aside from keyboards, digital cameras and reading devices, this also includes WLAN, Bluetooth and GPS components. Details at www.aldacom.com/aldalogic-linux-embedded-pc-gprs/aldalogic-c10-3-gprs-module-board.html

According to Aldacom engineers, the new platform is perfectly suited to the expansion of self-sufficient monitoring systems and positioning, which are capable of more than just transferring data due to the "Linux Intelligence" locally. "Coupled with a camera or sensors, pattern recognition applications for example, can be executed directly on the board. As the geo-coordinates are also transferred wirelessly, the board is highly recommended for mobile use."

According to Aldacom engineers, a cost-free test server is available at www.aldacom.com/aldatrace for visualisation of the geo-data.

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