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GoToMyPC – Remote Desktop Access from a Windows Mobile device Karishma Sundaram | , 10:57 p.m. Feb. 21, 2009 2009-02-21

As technology progresses, fewer people keep hard copies of their work files. These are medium to important security level documents that usually relate to work. Sometimes documents more important like tax returns or ones that are less important like personal emails are stored on personal computers everywhere. 

However, security for these documents has become a vital issue, and more often than not the best way to safeguard this information is to access them on a home or work computer only. The physical security factor tends to prevail over the convenience, lending a heightened modicum of security. 

These measures work well for documents that need to be protected, although there are times when particular files require to be accessed in different locations. 

GoToMyPC is a handy software application that allows a user to access their personal computers from any remote location. There are of course a few criteria that need to be fulfilled, but all in all, the software application is useful whilst being completely secure. 

It is not always possible to anticipate which files and documents are required at all times. People tend to lapse at some point or another, and find themselves wishing that they could access the files remotely. This is exactly where GoToMyPC comes into the picture. 

The software application needs to be installed in both computers, the one with the documents and the one that wants to access these documents. Additionally, the computer with the files must be turned on and have Internet access. While the Internet access is a given, and it is logical that the computer needs to be turned on, this is one flaw in the software application, as few people leave personal computers turned on in their absence. Energy consumption and electricity hazards are two of the most basic considerations in this scenario. 

GoToMyPC has been available for computers for a while now, and the company has recently released an edition for mobile phones. Understandably, the release operates on Windows Mobile handsets, just like their PC counterparts. 

GoToMyPC is a secure, wireless method of accessing a remote PC. As mobile applications have a tendency to recognise only their specific brand, this application cuts through all the red tape, allowing all files and folders to be accessed without a problem. It is not an application as it operates through the web browser. Once the remote PC has the requisite software, a user can visit the PocketView website and download whichever documents they require via the correct GoToMyPC account. 

A small loader program is saved to the phone each time, but since the size is negligible this does not become an issue. It is also possible to cache the program, expediting the whole process on slower connections. 

GoToMyPC uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on their website, along with a 128-bit encryption standard. These measures provide a good degree of security for the users. A user can control all aspects of the remote PC, right down to the mouse movements. A user can also invite another user to access the remote desktop using this application.

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