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Google Translate for Android gets a new look Saveri Dhekney | , 9:22 a.m. Jan. 14, 2011 2011-01-14

Internet messiah Google has revamped its 'Google Translate for Android' app making it easier for Android users to relate with the app. Alongwith the beneficial improvements to the layout, Google has also included an experimental feature - Conversation Mode that introduces real-time speech translation. Although in its earlier stages, the feature will break the barrier of language hindrance allowing for fluid communication. The experimental feature currently works only for English - Spanish translation and vice versa.

In conversation mode, press the microphone and speak the language of your choice. Google translate will translate your speech in the desired language of your conversation partner, reading it aloud. Your conversation partner will respond in his language which then will be translated and read out on your Android phone.

In addition to the above feature, Google has refreshed the layout of the app to include better drop-down boxes to select languages you want to translate to, an improved input box and a more definite layout.

The app is available for Android 2.1 and above and can be downloaded from the Android Market.



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