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Good News: Mobistar sells iPhone V.J. | , 6:18 p.m. July 8, 2008 2008-07-08


All iPhone lovers have the chance to buy and unlocked iPhone. You can buy it from Belgium.


Mobistar, Belgium’s second biggest mobile phone operator is due to launch unlocked iPhone sales in the country. It will come without a subscription or network lock. Even more, people can buy the device without having to get a Mobistar subscription.


Prices are pretty high, for an 8GB model you will have to pay as much as $823, tax included and for the 16GB version the price may reach $1000. It costs more than in other countries but if you really want to get an iPhone, this shouldn’t bother you.


You may also have to wait if you don’t hurry in the first day to purchase an iPhone from Movistar. The company will release 250 pieces in the first day and then it will make more available. Mobistar expects to sell as much devices as possible, and they sure will.


With the recent sold out in the UK, the iPhone is still wanted by many who try to purchase it from New Zealand. A new opportunity appeared to get your hands on the device in Belgium, but Mobistar wants you to give a few more bucks if you really want it. Good Luck!

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