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German UMTS auctions postponed till 2009 Richard Seynfield | , 9:19 a.m. May 7, 2008 2008-05-07

With the newest delays the mobile web finds itself in a loop. Even though it bears the key for new broadband technologies to finally enter the German market as well.

Differing from the first set of auctions in 2000 will this time participating companies be offered a wider range of options to make use of their acquired rights. As such will the newest frequencies also be usable for the regular GSM standard and more importantly will providers now have a chance to also use them for new generation data transmission techniques such as WiMax.

Government officials blame a lack of proper preparations that the second round of UMTS auctions won't take place before 2009. However, exact auction details and reglementations are to be expected earlier, at the end of this year.

According to German federal network agency's president Matthias Kurth will the new technologies realize a broad variety of different business ideas become reality. Addionally offered provider licenses and new frequency trade permission shall furthermore stimulate a potentially profitable future market.

Expections are that with the new rights, the providers will be able to strengthen their networks, providing higher and more reliable transmission rates. It is especially them who consider the mobile services as profitable source for the future, especially if the number of web content users keep on roaring the way they did in the past few years.

As opposed to the first UMTS auction, which netted 50 bn €, the new auctions are about to offer a wider set of frequencies. Though all new bidders will surely remain at least somewhat cautios. After all, the last auction's expenses ripped deep holes into their budgets, ultimately driving 2 from initally 6 successful bidders out of business. Their frequencies are now to be re-auctioned all over again.

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