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Futuristic phone designs awarded by LG V.J. | , 4:44 p.m. Aug. 5, 2009 2009-08-05

The second Design of the Future competition has come to an end and the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer, LG, is handing over $80,000 in prizes.

LG challenged candidates to design a mobile phone that they envision to be the future of personal mobile communication. The number of designs submitted was over 800, but there could be only one design to win the first price.

That design was named the CC (above image) and was created by Emily Albinski from New York. Albinski won the first price of $20,000. The CC includes a core phone that can be inserted into a touchscreen or netbook shell. LG did not release an image of the device as the company seriously considers using the design in the future.

Images have been released, however, of other prize winning designs. The HiFi is a touchscreen phone that transforms into a headphone for listening to music and making calls.

The Morph(image below) is another awarded concept which is supposed to be a touchscreen phone with a flexible display.

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