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Froyo update for Samsung Vibrant starting tomorrow Saveri Dhekney | , 9:14 a.m. Jan. 20, 2011 2011-01-20

Samsung Vibrant owners are in for a sweet surprise with T-Mobile announcing a long awaited Froyo update starting tomorrow. Although, January 21 is the D-day, not everyone will get to access the update on the same day as it will come in waves. However, T-Mobile chief marketing officer Cole Brodman assured that everyone should get an upgrade within a few weeks.

As for Galaxy S owners expressing anger over delayed updates, Brodman has cleared up the debate as purely technical. "It was a quality control and timing issue," Brodman said. "The biggest challenge is integration and customization."

T-Mobile has also pledged to update all its Android phones to the newest OS within three to five months of its release.

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