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Fraudster gets four years in jail V.J. | , 4:43 p.m. Sept. 17, 2008 2008-09-17


A Carphone Warehouse accountant tried to steal from the company about 500,000 pounds in five years. He got the money but his scheme was exposed and he also got 4 years in jail.


Steven Luck, was a Carphone Warehouse accountant that spotted a weakness in the company’s account systems and managed to steal about 500,000 pounds. Actually, the exact sum that he managed to steal is 584,401.60 pounds.


It seems that eventually he wasn’t true to his name and luck abandoned him. His actions were discovered and he got five years in jail for it. Nevertheless he managed to buy two vacation houses in Turkey and a Ferrari, probably red, which he is now obligated to sell in order to pay the damages to Carphone.


The company says it takes strict measures to protect their accounts and similar fraud actions are not tolerated. Carphone Warehouse already had a few problems in April.

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