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Fighting for supremacy, Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft V.J. | , 8:08 p.m. April 6, 2008 2008-04-06

Microsoft and Yahoo! allied themselves in producing a series of improvements to their mobile phone applications, against Google in absorbing supremacy in publicity and mobile phone industry.

At a Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) conference in Las Vegas, Yahoo! vice-president Marco Boerris said that One Search cellphone search engine will support vocal commands. This improvement will be materialized by Vlingo, which already obtained $20 mil. funds from Yahoo! The Internet Service Company released in 2007, One Search, an application acquainted with photo sharing Flickr and Yahoo! Mail.

Microsoft presented their new GPS services created to be linked to their search engine application for mobile phones, Live Search Mobile, which contains vocal commands as well. On phones running on Windows Mobile, a new feature will be available. Users can locate their contacts on maps seen on their phone, even more they will be able to download local weather news. Taking one step forward, Microsoft announced that they will improve their sales after a new improved version of Windows Mobile will haunt the markets. The new features of Windows Mobile are much alike those of iPhone, mainly having a more practical interface and a possibility to zoom web pages.

Google does not wait, the search engine giant will release Android operating system for mobile phones in the second half of 2008. Today Google offers applications which give possibility to connect to Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube.  

A tough battle has to be fought as incomings have gone up with 53% from users who like to use their phones for accessing e-mail, internet, or sending text messages as well as multimedia messages. According to a poll performed by CTIA, incomings almost doubled themselves as in 2006, 15,2 billion dollars were obtained, but in 2007 there have been made up to 23 billion dollars.

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