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FCC approved mobile phone alter system Vlad Jecan | , 7:45 p.m. April 17, 2008 2008-04-17

Seeing that some parts of the country are already willing to joint an Emergency Alert System via cell phones, the FCC has finally approved a new service which will prevent people from getting into troubles when troubles are already happening.

Preparations have been made and cell phone operators contacted, many of them consider joining the program, but materializing this project may be the hardest step to do. The FCC considers that it will take up to two years, maybe more, for a fully functioning nationwide mobile phone alerting system.

Universities have already thought to join, Oregon and of course after last year’s tragedy at Virginia Tech University, many more see the life saving possibilities behind this service. When it comes to major disasters, or terrorists attack, the president will still be responsible for sending nationwide alerts, but local events can be transmitted by federal or state officials.

Cell phones became indispensable to our day to day life. Staying in touch with friends, family or resolving business issues have become a button press away and this new alerting service will surely save live and prevent disasters to take proportions.

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