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Facebook Mobile reports 100 million users V.J. | , 7:04 p.m. Feb. 12, 2010 2010-02-12

Facebook says that over 100 million unique users around the world access the site via their mobile phones. This is an astonishing increase as just six months earlier, Facebook reached 65 million unique users.

The GSMA Mobile Media Metrics has revealed that Facebook is the most successful website in UK (and probably the world) with 4.99 million unique users accounts and 2.6 billion page impressions. These figures were published on February 4, 2010.

In any case, Facebook Mobile is available in 70 languages, with over 80 operators allowing SMS updates to the social network. The app was release for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and Samsung operating systems. Chamath Papihapitya, international vice president of user growth and mobile for Facebook said that “we work with every major device manufacturer and many operators to ensure we can provide the best possible mobile experience across the thousands of different devices, mobile operating systems and carriers”.

Facebook undoubtably dominates mobile traffic at this point. The 100 million figure may very well increase in the near future.

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