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Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones through v1.9 Beta Zone Sheetal Thakre | , 11:12 a.m. Oct. 26, 2010 2010-10-26

The availability of a new version of Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones through BlackBerry Beta Zone is making news at present. With this, it is expected that the speed has been optimized and the performance too.

It has now become possible to view your Facebook messages in two different ways that certainly helps to manage Facebook communications. How? See the steps underneath:

1.    The Facebook Messages view allows you to see only your Facebook messages in one inbox.

2.    If you wish to include all of your messages in one single place, you can set up your Facebook messages to emerge within your BlackBerry Messages inbox.

Besides this, the application brings almost thirty of your existing Facebook messages so that your inbox gets preoccupied with those messages as and when you just log in. Now isn't it a good thing, as this will help you to get a track of your past conversations and other communications as well.

Apart from this, the v.1.9 keeps the Facebook Messages inbox on your BlackBerry smartphone in a coordinated manner to keep messages updated.

You can also make use of the Facebook search option to increase your friends list by searching pages or any acquaintances that already have a Facebook account. Also you can use the other usual Facebook options like the privacy settings, the image enlarge options, sending friend requests, like it options or can simply post comments on other status messages too.

One of the cleverest aspects about v1.9 for BlackBerry® is that Facebook Search is attached into the system's incorporated Universal Search that makes available the entire results while searching for a query from Facebook.

There are other updates as well that enhances your friends list, page list and the navigation bar too and makes these functions as smooth as ever.

You can even add profile photos of your friends and can view your profile via the navigation bar and add new icons for Facebook search and message view in addition.

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