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European Union wants cell phones on airplanes V.J. | , 9:12 p.m. April 7, 2008 2008-04-07

Every now and then every airline customer wants to use his phone when on board after the plane takes off. Different reasons are the pillars sustaining this need. Either and important issue was left unsaid at home, or an emergency business call, there are many motives making people keen to talk when at a high altitude. Another strong reason may be that it is simply forbidden and this influences passengers to break the rules.

In any case, these rules may be hollowed as EU wants to acquaint airplanes with mobile phones. Therefore, in the near future passengers will be able to make mobile phone calls from a high altitude. The European Union decided at Brussels that travelers should be allowed to use their cellphones in their full capacities, sending text messages, e-mail or having a normal conversation. This will be a main step forward for airline businesses as more people would simply prefer a air travel service which allows them make phone calls when flying. Many countries, including the United States ban mobile devices in the air mainly because they can provoke anomalies or interfere with a plain’s instruments.


For the EU airspace, people will be able to use mobile technology only after a plane reaches 10,000 feet in the air. In any way, problems might appear, even if they don’t mean that the plane will crash. Imagine yourself next to someone who talks on the phone your whole flight, wouldn’t that be annoying? Maybe you’ve already had a similar experience. This is the main reason why Lufthansa refuses to introduce the service. In opposition we find Air France-KLM which already set up a trial service of this kind.


The future use of mobiles when flying is still a project. There are many unresolved aspects which might produce severe problems. First, airline approve this service the European Aviation Safety Agency has to stamp an approbation to ensure that no cellphone technology will interfere with any airplane instruments, then this must be an affordable service, the success of this service may be limited if a passenger receives a heart-stopping bill, to this there are many problems which might appear and should be prevented.


EU advises travelers to be informed if their airlines will approve this type of service before taking any actions.

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