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Easy Synchronization with SugarSync Karishma Sundaram | , 4:30 p.m. Feb. 23, 2009 2009-02-23

Synchronization sounds like, and usually can be, a complicated process. It can be very daunting especially when trying to synchronize devices that do not run the same software applications, or even the same operating systems. However, synchronization is an exceedingly useful tool when used and set up correctly. 

SugarSync is a simple and very straightforward tool that takes all the fuss out of synchronization. Once the software application is set up, it takes care of all the synchronization needs of a user automatically. It works not only on computers, personal and otherwise, but also on mobile phones and websites as well. There is a version of SugarSync for BlackBerry phones and Windows Mobile-based handsets. 

How it works – SugarSync Manager and the online storage system

SugarSync Mobile works in conjunction with SugarSync file storage system, which resides online, and the SugarSync Manager for Windows or Mac PCs. 

To understand how SugarSync Mobile works, let’s first examine the dynamics of the computer version. 

SugarSync Manager creates a base folder on the main computer where all the files are stored. Whichever files are stored in this particular folder, the Manager saves the data online using the storage system integrated into SugarSync. When various devices and services are linked up to the specific folder, the automatic updates start taking place. For example, if a file in the folder is changed in any way, the copy in the various linked devices and services, like a website, are updated automatically to reflect the change. Hence the entire process is handled exclusively by the software, taking away the trouble from the user. 

SugarSync Mobile explained

SugarSync Mobile works well with SugarSync Manager, in that the connections take place with greater ease. The mobile software application is completely free of charge. 

SugarSync Mobile places great emphasis on transferring data, like photographs for instance, from the mobile device to the computer. This is a rather common task that most camera phone owners conduct from time to time, and also find rather tedious. The connection takes place without any cables.

The data is uploaded into the online storage system, from where it can be downloaded to the destination device. In fact, the storage system is so versatile that it can even redirect music from the phone to a player. The player would need to be connected to the Web, of course. 

There are two modes in which the system works – Full SugarSync and Lite SugarSync. As their names imply, Full SugarSync does exactly what is described above, in that a copy is stored on every synced device. The Lite version allows access to the online system, rather than storing an actual copy on the device. There is also a Magic Briefcase, which is always set to Full SugarSync mode, regardless of other settings.

Cost factor

The charges for SugarSync are not based on either application, but on the data storage plan that the user can choose to suit their specific needs. 


SugarSync is well worth the initial effort, especially if easy access of files is useful for the individual user. The interface is simple, not requiring any mental cartwheels to understand. 

Check out the SugarSync website for more details.

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