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On my way application to rescue you by sending out alerts, if you are running out of time Sheetal Thakre | , 4:02 p.m. Aug. 27, 2010 2010-08-27

Day-by-day, the application world is getting flooded with innovative yet useful applications. On my way application is one such addition to the new applications clan which is already available for Blackberry platform. This application assists you to send out a text while you are driving. Yes, you heard it right.

By means of this very application, the tricky job of informing or sending text to your business associates or your boss incase you are getting late for a meeting or if you are getting late to the office respectively has been made somewhat easy.

The organization that acknowledges for its navigation software for AT&T and Sprint has developed this application. Thus, if you are running behind schedule, the software will come to your rescue and send out a text message or an e-mail with a latest ETA, to previously selected group of recipients.

While doing so, you are expected to follow some basic steps. Simply enter your destination and projected arrival times, then put in a list of recipient's text or e-mail with personal message well in advance. Now, you can carry on your ride where no one will know your location excluding yourself.

The On my way application can be easily downloaded on your iPhone or Android phone and that too absolutely free. Isn't it amazing? To avail this facility, you simply have to move to the application store or the Android Market.

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