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DoCoMo Sells BlackBerry Starting from August V.J. | , 1:18 a.m. July 8, 2008 2008-07-08

As a response to numerous requests from small to midsize business as well as from individuals, DoCoMo decided to sell the BlackBerry 8707h smartphone in Japan. Requests came from people who want an Internet service for direct connection without a dedicated server. This will provide simple and low cost web browsing and email which will come with this device.

DoCoMo says the BlackBerry handset will be available for purchasing through the company’s online shop, corporate business division and DoCoMo shops’ corporate business sections. The service will cost around 3.045 yen per months with all taxes included.

Thanks to the new Internet service more people will browse the net using their mobile phone. If you live in Japan this is good reason to optimize your website for mobile web browsing. In any case, a discount packet-billing will be lunched starting September.

According to DoCoMo representatives, the service entitled BlackBerry Data Transmission Package will give subscribers the chance to transmit around 80,000 packets of data per month for 1,680 yen. Additional data exceeding the limit will be charged with 0.0525 yen per packet.

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