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Dimdix – The new mobile-centric social networking utility Karishma Sundaram | , 10:48 p.m. Feb. 10, 2009 2009-02-10

The Internet has become such a large part of our daily existence; it is hardly surprising that it too evolves dynamically. In the beginning, the Internet was data centric; the focus was on sharing and dissemination of information. With the advent of Web 2.0, the focus has now shifted to networking, and data has taken a backseat to people. 

Similarly, phones are slowly replacing computers. The mobile application industry is booming, so it was merely a matter of time before the Web 2.0 paradigm and mobile phones converged. 

Enter Dimdix. A social networking utility, it is entirely centred round the mobile phone. 

What is Dimdix?

The premise of Dimdix is essentially location-based. A user can create a profile, and link with other people. Till this point the setup is exactly the same as another social networking site. A user can then update their profile information, like status messages, from anywhere. Additionally, the network attempts to connect people that are in the same geographical area at a particular time. 

For example, while in a certain part of town, the Dimdix network can send a user relevant information about stores that are in the immediate vicinity. The network will also make suggestions about places to visit, recommend good restaurants, and even link up two or more people based solely upon location. 

A user can also update their activities as and when they are occurring, giving them to the ability to keep family and friends updated at all times. A user can make plans on the spur of the moment, and upload photographs and videos as events occur in real time. 

Simple process

Using Dimdix is very straightforward, much like any other social networking service. Users require a username to log into the system. In addition, the user needs to install an application on their mobile phones. 

The application has different versions, depending on the operating system of the mobile phone. It is usually a .jar file, which runs on practically any phone.

The truly unique feature of Dimdix is that it does not rely on GPS (global positioning system). This is a significant advantage, as there are quite a few countries where this service is unavailable. The lack of dependence on GPS means that Dimdix becomes a portable social networking tool regardless of location, even though it is primarily based on location. 

The network collects a user’s location information based upon the network of the service provider. Each mobile service provider has numerous towers scattered in certain places to give the user maximum cell phone coverage. The network picks up on the information encoded within the signal and determines the location based on this information. It is a fairly accurate method. Even if the information is not 100% accurate, Dimdix is designed to provide information within a certain radius in any case, and pinpoint accuracy is not a requirement by any means. 

Dimdix is a rather interesting social networking service, as its premise is unique. Other social networking sites also have the facility to update location and status messages remotely, but they don’t have the facility to recommend places based on that information.

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