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Diamond Phone, anyone? Karishma Sundaram | , 10 a.m. Feb. 24, 2009 2009-02-24

Customization is key in today’s marketplace: as more and more people try and stand out from the crowd, customization is one of the easiest avenues to take for establishing one’s own unique identity. 

As a direct result, now there is customization in almost every aspect of life. First it started off with cars and motorbikes, now customization has stretched further to include mobile handsets. 

As crazy as it may sound to an ordinary citizen, working hard to maintain or better their standard of living, there are people who choose to ‘bling out’ their mobile phones too. And when we say 'bling' we don't mean bedazzling with rhinestones, we mean diamonds of multiple colours and carats.

And the person who has tapped into this select clientele is Alexander Amosu; an enterprising businessman with a penchant for mobile phones. He has redefined the meaning of luxury phones. 

Imagine an iPhone with a striking pink casing, and pink diamonds encrusted along the edges of the phone. Or perhaps a BlackBerry Bold with silver case, and black diamonds studded in the corners. All this is a possibility when working with Amosu. 

Alexander Amosu started up one of the first companies to deal with mobile phone ringtones, way back in 1999. This visionary entrepreneur then proceeded to set up a customization unit, catering solely to the luxury market segment. His company takes the latest in mobile communications hardware and transforms these normal handsets into works of jewel-encrusted art. Each phone in entirely unique and is tailor-made to the specifications of the client. 

The USP of any Amosu product, whether a phone, a handset case, an iPod or even car keys, is the exquisite craftsmanship and emphasis on diamonds. While the product can be made of 24 carat gold or sterling silver, the only stones that Amosu uses are diamonds. Diamonds have been the source of much controversy, with the conflict in Africa being fuelled and funded by these gorgeous gems. However, Amouse reassures his clients on that front as well; all the diamonds that are used in their creations are all ethically mined without being the result of slave labour or funding civil war. 

Another cause of concern with reference to electronics, is that most mobile warranties are void if the casing has opened or tampered with. Amosu has sidestepped this pitfall beautifully, tying up with the manufacturers themselves to ensure complete quality control. Each handset receives a one-year warranty like its more plebeian counterparts. 

Another interesting facet to the service provided by Amosu is what the company calls the International Concierge Service. Any customer of Amosu can avail of this particular service, which can consist of bookings to exclusive theatre productions, or reservations in noted restaurants. The service is intended to satisfy a customer’s every whim, even if last minute. Members are sent updates of all the must-visit events around the globe, and have a number of perquisites besides.

If a customer tires of their gorgeous phone after a while, and wishes to replace the handset itself for a newer model, they only have to turn in the old one for a new one. The company will remove the diamonds from the old handset and apply them to the new one, at the cost of the workmanship only. 

Amosu phones are perhaps outside the purview of most of us, so we know we’ve truly arrived if we ever have one. Catch a glimpse of these beauties here.

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