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Currently aimed at developers -Samsung's Bada OS disclosed Sheetal Thakre | , 12:11 p.m. Dec. 9, 2009 2009-12-09

Last month only, we reported about Samsung's launch of bada and informed about its upcoming event to be held in London in December 2010 to present the OS and software development kit for it in details for developers. Now, as the event occurred, Samsung exhibited their OS-Bada for smart phones, as promised.

The OS is designed for use on full-touch handsets only, where the slogan "a smartphone for everyone" is intended to increase the market share of the smart phones up to 50 percent.

Basically aimed to kick start the developers with a challenge to create a good application base for the future Bada users, the event also marked commencement of a contest, 'The Bada Challenge'.  Here, the developer's knowledge will be realized at a worth of 2,700,000 US dollars prize fund by submitting an app for the new OS which is open to all developers.

With this, it seems the New Year 2010 is filled with new surprises, where Samsung will also have a series of Developer Days across the world, that will initiate with places like Seoul, London and San Francisco. 

Side by side partnership with key players in the mobile software industry like EA Mobile, Capcom, Gameloft, and Konami is very much in the pipeline.

The availability of Bada application stores worldwide is also entitled that would give a chance to non-registered users as well to buy applications and app payments with the mobile phone bill.

A brief idea as to how the new Bada Operating system will be like?

Based on Samsung proprietary TouchWiz User Interface, the Bada OS is somewhat similar to the Samsung Pixon12 UI that will allow developers to tap in various mobile phone features and sensors, Viz - Flash UI, web control, motion sensing, vibration control, face detection, weather, proximity, and other activity sensors.

The Bada OS embrace service-centric features like differentiator that is believed to provide a support to location-based social networking services, device synchronization, content management, location-based services, and e-commerce services.


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