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Creatives’ Zii Android phone to be unveiled next month at Chinese summit Saveri | , 10:51 a.m. Nov. 26, 2009 2009-11-26

Creative's Zii Summit to be held in the first week of December should be a very stirring event as it announces the Zii Optimized Android Mobile Phone. The event will also give the company a chance to introduce and fight itself out in highly competitive mobile market, perhaps climbing the success ladders in the next few years.

ZiiLabs, a subsidiary of Creative, will be providing its services to OEM partners or manufacturers for developing their products using the Zii chip.
The main highlight at the summit is of course the introduction of its Android powered phone, but the agenda also incorporates a line-up of devices including a Touch Tablet PC, a Netbook, a Web-Box, a 360o Multi-View Camera System, ultra high-performance Speakers, a Piano Keyboard for the PC, and a Portable e-Book Reader.

At the summit, Creative will bring to light its Zii Optimized Android Phone platform giving a chance to developers to be accustomed to the well-known Android OS, but with a change. Utilizing the StemCell Computing Technology found in ZMS-05 Media Rich Processor, the new advanced Android OS will allow for seamless 3D graphics and High Definition video playback performance.

- Phone with Fully featured Android Platform
- OpenGL ES 3D graphics
- 1080p HD video output
- Accelerated video, graphic and imaging
- Full integration with SurfaceFlinger
- High Quality Audio
- Enhanced User Interfaces
- Image Processing
- Accelerated Web Browsing

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